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Meet the Bakers

Together for 21 years, married for 14 years, and in business for 7 years. We work as a team in our business and for you. Let us tell you a little bit about us.

Myeshia Baker, MBA

myeshia baker

I am the builder, I enjoy building businesses, entrepreneurs, and houses. When I found this business, I found everything that I loved all in one which was the opportunity to help others, to improve the conditions of our neighborhoods by rehabbing unwanted houses, and to transform houses like a diamond in the ruff. I have everything I love in this business all in one and I get to do it with my family.

I will be your primary point of contact throughout the entire process from making the offer to meeting you at the closing table.

Dwain Baker

dwain baker

He gets it done! Dwain is the Project Manager of our properties. He manages our team and gets the properties completed without delay. Dwain and his crew works together in each phase of the project and adds the companies signature touch. Our houses are easy to identify when we have completed it because they are done with love and with our signature.

We have a team of individuals who work with us to close transactions on time and complete properties in the field. Once you do a deal with us, you will know everyone, and we will all have become family.

Don’t Fix It, Don’t Clean It, We’ll Buy It As-IS!

Everyone of our clients that we have helped has been exceptionally happy with our service from the beginning to the end. We treat you as family, and will not make an offer if it does not make sense to you or to our company. We only do win-win deals. I know that you can get more money by listing your house on the market because it is in good condition. I will not hesitate to tell you. We will only make offers that we would be ok with someone in our family accepting. NO LOW BALL OFFERS HERE!

The Bakers have been absolutely amazing to work with. We ran into several estate issues regarding the sale of our home, but they were extremely patient and willing to help us through any challenges. They were always available to answer questions about the home selling process, which made an overwhelming situation easier to navigate. We are truly grateful for their assistance and professionalism during this process and would definitely work with them again in the future!

– Ari Leland Claymont, DE

We Buy Houses to improve neighborhoods, by rehabbing unwanted properties for new families to enjoy. In doing this we help the seller get rid of properties they no longer want, we help the neighborhoods by making the houses beautiful and safe, and we help the new home owners to buy a home that they can create memories in and a bonus of having the home fully renovated. It is a WIN WIN for everyone involved.

It is extremely important when dealing with a service provider on any transactions that you verify their credibility. Please take the time to Google our company, check us out on social media, and our blog. We want you to know that we are a legitimate company and that we can get the job done for you!


We guarantee and affirm that all our clients will be treated with the upmost respect. We understand the distress that is connected with many people that we help and we are very understanding, patient, and respectful. We do not take advantage of any of our clients and we ensure that all clients receive the absolute best offer based on the condition of the home, the ARV, and the amount of work needed. You are in the best hands when working with Properties As-Is, LLC and you will not be disappointed.